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Google’s Shocking Play Store Revelation: How Short Videos Are Revolutionizing App Discovery

by George Mensah
Google is putting short videos

If you believed that vertical video content was exclusive to nearly every app, prepare for a surprising addition to the mix: the Google Play Store. Google has introduced an original video series called “The Play Report” with the aim of helping users discover new apps, and it’s set to be featured right within the Play Store.

In a move designed to enhance user engagement and improve app discovery, Google will start showcasing these videos on the homepage of the Play Store, initially targeting specific users in the United States. For users not included in this initial group, these videos will be readily accessible via Google Play’s dedicated YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channels.

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Although not explicitly mentioned by Google, a GIF shared in their blog post strongly suggests that these videos align with the YouTube Shorts format. Beyond the video content itself, users will also find a convenient install icon for the app highlighted in the video, making it easier for them to download.

Google has pledged that each episode of “The Play Report” will feature experts, creators, and even Google employees offering valuable insights into various apps.

It’s important to note that the Play Store already allows developers to link YouTube videos as part of their app’s media assets, which are visible on the app’s listing page. What remains unclear is whether Google intends to expand support for short video content on the Play Store to include content from creators and developers beyond this specific program. Additionally, Google hasn’t provided details on whether the apps featured in these videos are selected by the company itself or if creators have a say in the selection process.

Google has already seen significant success with the YouTube Shorts format. In its Q3 2023 earnings call in July, the company reported that more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users actively engage with Shorts. Now, by incorporating short video content into the Play Store, Google is poised to leverage this format further to facilitate app discovery on yet another platform.

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