Prevent Back Pain 

Simple Stretching Tips That May Help 

Back pain is common, affecting all ages. Causes vary, from posture to lifting, work, falls. Pain can range from dull to sharp, affecting the whole body.

Back pain treatment varies based on symptoms; therapy or medical attention. Regular stretching enhances flexibility, aids recovery, but must be done correctly.

Safe stretching tips can prevent back pain but aren't treatments for medical issues. Consult a doctor for specific cases.

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Important tips to note before engaging ;

Prior to stretching, warm up gently; avoid stretching cold muscles to prevent injury. Stretch slowly, without pain; aim for mild muscle tension.

Lie down, bend knee to chest, hold and stretch. Repeat for both legs. A simple floor exercise for flexibility.

Maintain knee-to-chest, engage abs, press spine down for 5 seconds. Repeat with other leg and both legs together.

Repeat this sequence five times.

Get on all fours like a toddler, hands under shoulders. Rock forward, hold 5 sec. Sit back on heels, extend arms, hold 5 sec. Stretching tip.

To prevent occasional back pain, perform safe stretches; repeat 5 times for relief and improved muscle endurance.

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