Overflowing with Misc Items  

Why Your Starfield Cargo Hold is 

Curious about Starfield's galaxy mysteries: Cargo filled with slippers and blender bases, an enigma.

Found odd items, sold them, but soon had another mysterious cargo surplus during my cosmic journey.

I considered if scavenging enemy ships led to collecting their debris, but findings showed only practical items, not coffee mugs or board games.

Suspected a unique bug, hoping for endless wealth via ship's hold. Sadly, inquiries yielded no answers.

Cargo hold flooding with items linked to ship mods. Realized it happens after visiting New Atlantis' spaceport. Module removal might relocate junk there.

Ship clutter mystery debunked: Altering your spaceship shuffles items to cargo hold, not module-related. An unexpected game mechanic.

Space mods mean losing personal items. Ship's character changes with every modification. Cherished decor vanishes.

Ship's mysterious clutter refills and hab module oddities in space gaming baffle; seeking answers continues.

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