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Is Elon Musk buying the new iPhone 15? World’s richest man says ‘the beauty of iPhone…’

by George Mensah
Is Elon Musk buying the new iPhone 15?

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and owner of the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), has often had a love-hate relationship with Apple. Musk was found to be criticising Apple soon after taking over X, but later he also touted Apple’s continued advertising on the platform as proof that it was safe for others as well.

More recently, however, Musk seems to have found a new fascination with Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company’s latest iPhone 15 series.

When Cook shared pictures of the iPhone 15 Pro Max taken by renowned photographers Stephen Wilkes and Reuben Wu, Musk replied saying, “The beauty of iPhone pictures & video is incredible.”

In response to another post about the launch of the iPhone 15 series, Musk wrote: “I’m buying one!”

This is a notable shift in tone from Musk, who has been critical of Apple in the past. For example, in 2022, he accused Apple of stopping advertising on Twitter and asked Cook why.

It is unclear what prompted Musk’s change of heart. Some have speculated that he is simply impressed with the new iPhone 15 series. Others have suggested that he is trying to mend his relationship with Apple, which is one of Twitter’s largest advertisers.

Whatever the reason, Musk’s newfound admiration for Apple and Cook is a sign of the complex and ever-changing relationship between the two tech giants.

Bitter-sweet history

The relationship between Musk and Cook has been marked by both cooperation and conflict. In 2019, Musk reportedly met with Cook to discuss a potential acquisition of Tesla by Apple. However, the deal never materialized.

In 2022, Musk publicly criticized Apple on several occasions. He accused the company of having a monopoly on the App Store and of charging too high fees for in-app purchases. He also criticized Apple’s decision to stop using Tesla’s self-driving car software.

Despite their disagreements, Musk and Cook have also found ways to work together. In 2022, Apple agreed to resume advertising on Twitter after Musk took over the company.

Looking to the future

It remains to be seen how the relationship between Musk and Cook will evolve in the future. However, Musk’s recent praise for the iPhone 15 series is a positive sign. It suggests that he is willing to put aside his differences with Apple in order to appreciate the company’s products.

The relationship between Musk and Cook is important because it has the potential to impact the future of the tech industry. Apple and Twitter are two of the most powerful tech companies in the world, and their relationship could have a major impact on how we use technology in the future.

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