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Instagram’s New Feature: Share with Close Friends for a More Personal Experience

by George Mensah
Instagram's New Feature

Instagram users have expressed concerns about the impersonal nature of the platform, largely attributed to its algorithmic feed. In response, Instagram is currently testing a feature aimed at fostering more personal connections by allowing users to share feed posts exclusively with their ‘Close Friends’ group.

In recent days, many users, including Lia Haberman from the ICYMI newsletter, have noticed this new feature in testing. Instagram has confirmed the testing but hasn’t disclosed the specific countries where it’s being rolled out.

A spokesperson from Meta, Instagram’s parent company, stated, “We’re testing the ability for people in select countries to share feed posts with their Close Friends. We’re always exploring new ways for our community to express themselves and connect on Instagram.”

If this feature becomes widely available, it could potentially reduce the need for users to maintain a “finsta” account—an alternative account used exclusively for close friends.

In 2018, Instagram introduced the option to share Stories with a private list of ‘Close Friends.’ The following year, the company explored the concept of group chatting within Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ circle through an app called Threads (not to be confused with the social network launched in July). However, Threads, the group chat app, was discontinued in 2021 as Instagram shifted its focus toward improving the direct messaging experience.

In December of the same year, Instagram launched Notes, a feature that enables users to share text updates with their friends. Over the past few months, the company has continued to introduce additional features, including music sharing, translation options, and location sharing, enhancing the user experience for those using Notes. Instagram’s ongoing efforts reflect its commitment to providing diverse and personalized ways for users to connect and express themselves on the platform.

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