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How to Rediscover the Joy of Writing

by George Mensah
How to Rediscover the Joy of Writing

Writing, for many of us, begins as a labor of love—an endeavor we’re drawn to because it brings us immense joy. However, it’s no secret that the path of a writer can be a challenging one. At times, the initial joy can fade, leaving us wondering how to rekindle our passion for writing.

The Quest for Joy in Writing: A Journey of Change

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Writing isn’t just an art form or a profession; it’s a quest for joy and understanding. While we may start writing because it brings us happiness, we often continue writing as a means to explore and make sense of the world around us. Writing is a powerful tool for healing, growth, and transformation, making it an inherently dynamic journey. As writers, we experience a range of emotions, from joy to disillusionment and even sorrow. Yet, if we persevere, we can arc back to joy.

In my own writing journey, I’ve encountered various emotions, including moments of despair where I questioned whether writing and I were parting ways. However, I persisted, and I’m happy to report that I learned how to rediscover the joy of writing.

Rediscovering the Joy of Writing: Insights from the Journey

Recently, I received emails from readers who shared their struggles with rediscovering the joy of writing. One reader, Joseph Merboth, expressed the disillusionment many writers experience at some point. He questioned whether he wanted to be a writer or simply sought the freedom to create without the confines of a regular job. He also wondered if his love for storytelling had transformed into an obsession with the mechanics of writing.


Joseph’s email highlights a common challenge among writers who, like him, didn’t experience an infatuation period with writing but rather discovered their passion through reading. Their journey led them to study the craft, which, while initially thrilling, may have caused a shift in how they experience literature. This shift can lead to self-analysis rather than pure enjoyment when reading.

Embracing the Phases of the Writing Life

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The writing life is a dynamic journey filled with phases or cycles, akin to story structure. These cycles can encompass a range of emotions, from joy to suffering and doubt. Just as life often operates on three- and seven-year cycles, so too does the writing journey. Each phase brings challenges and transformations.

My journey, spanning seven years, has led to personal growth and a sense of resolution. Writing is not a linear path; it’s a deeply personal quest that challenges us to explore ourselves and the human experience.

In conclusion, rediscovering the joy of writing is a journey unique to each writer. It requires embracing the evolving phases of the writing life, and understanding that it’s natural to experience doubt and disenchantment. However, by persevering and seeking a deeper meaning in our writing, we can rediscover the joy that initially drew us to this craft.

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