Home news New York Knicks are in the NBA playoffs and are far ahead of schedule

New York Knicks are in the NBA playoffs and are far ahead of schedule

by George Mensah
New York Knicks are in the NBA

New York Knicks are in the NBA, The New York Knicks, a rival team in the Atlantic Division of the Philadelphia 76ers, are returning to the postseason for the first time in two years.

Even though the Knicks had a chance to win on Saturday night, they didn’t have any assistance from their rivals. The Miami Heat’s victory over the Dallas Mavericks could have benefited the Knicks as they had the night off.

The Knicks had to wait at least another day to secure their postseason spot, while the Mavericks laboured to defeat Jimmy Butler and the Heat.

New York Knicks are in the NBA

The Knicks had a preliminary game against the Washington Wizards on Sunday’s schedule. The Knicks would improve to 46-33 on the year with a win over the Wizards, giving New York a chance to qualify for the postseason.

Julius Randle was absent due to his ongoing ankle injury, but the Knicks still enjoyed a strong performance from Quentin Grimes and Jalen Brunson, who combined for 27 points. Together, Immanuel Quickly and Obi Toppin scored 43 points.

Wizards were defeated by the Knicks 118–109. They entered the Eastern Conference Finals as the sixth team. The Knicks would play the fourth-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers if the season ended tonight. The Brooklyn Nets are the sixth-seeded team, so the Sixers would play the other New York-based team.

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