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Google Nest Aware Price Hike Alert, Home Security at Risk

by George Mensah
Google Nest Aware Price Hike

Google is making changes to its Google Nest Aware subscription, and if you’re a user of their security cameras, be prepared to shell out a bit more for peace of mind. Since its inception in 2019, Google Nest Aware has maintained a fixed rate of $6 per month. However, those days of budget-friendly security subscriptions are drawing to a close, as the service is hiking its prices to $8 per month. If you opt for the yearly plan, it will now set you back $80 annually, up from the previous $60.

This price adjustment was communicated to subscribers via email, and like many companies facing recent price hikes, Google has cited factors such as inflation, taxes, and market fluctuations as the driving forces behind this decision.

In the realm of security cameras, monthly subscriptions have become the norm for accessing essential features. The upgraded Nest Aware Plus service, which now offers 60 days of event recordings (up from 30) and an additional 10 days of 24/7 history, will also see an increase in cost, going from $12 to $15 per month. The annual Nest Aware Plus plan will now be priced at $150, up from $120.

This shift in pricing positions Google Nest on the higher end of the home security subscription spectrum. For comparison, Blink charges $3 a month per device or $30 annually, while Ring offers a $4 per month or $40 per year subscription.

However, there’s a significant advantage to Google Nest Aware plans: they cover all cameras, doorbells, speakers, and displays within a single household. In contrast, many competing services either require payment per device or necessitate an upgrade to a more expensive plan when numerous devices are in use. Therefore, even with the price increase, Google Nest could still be the more cost-effective choice for users with multiple products.

But here’s a silver lining for some subscribers: If you obtain your Nest service through home security provider ADT, you won’t see any immediate increases, at least for now.

New customers will start paying the higher prices right away while existing customers will encounter new rates on their upcoming bills. So, whether you’re a current Nest Aware subscriber or considering joining, these changes are worth noting as you weigh your options for safeguarding your home.

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