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Meta’s Threads app is rolling out a Following feed

by George Mensah
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Meta’s text-based social network Threads is responding to user demands by introducing a Following feed, one of the most requested features since its launch. The update also includes the ability to see posts liked by users in their settings, and new categories for sorting the Activity feed. Users can filter by Follows, Quotes, and Reposts, and there is a new Follow button to easily follow other accounts back.

Mark Zuckerberg, in a post on his Instagram Channel, mentioned that Threads will be adding translation features. Translations will be automatic based on the language of the post and the user’s language settings.

The placement of the “For You” and “Following” feeds at the top of the app is similar to Twitter’s layout, making it familiar for users transitioning from Twitter to Threads.

Threads have been actively updating its app, and it continues to work on improvements such as an edit button, multi-account support, and integration with ActivityPub, the protocol used by Mastodon, a decentralized Twitter alternative.

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Though Threads experienced early success, usage numbers have declined recently. However, with the addition of the Following feed and other updates, Meta hopes to revitalize the app’s popularity.

The launch of the Following feed coincides with Elon Musk’s decision to replace the Twitter logo with an ‘X,’ hinting at a possible rebranding of the platform. Meta is capitalizing on Twitter’s uncertainty to attract users to Threads.

Despite the challenges, Threads is positioning itself as a classic Twitter alternative and aims to capture users seeking a more traditional Twitter experience.

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