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Pebble: A New Social Network with Big Ambitions

by George Mensah

Pebble, a new social network that aims to take on Twitter, has rebranded itself from its previous name, T2. The company says that the name change is intended to reflect its own unique identity and values.

In a message to its users, Pebble explained that the name “pebble” was chosen because it represents something small and unassuming, but with the potential to create big ripples. The company hopes that Pebble will become a place where people can come to share ideas and connect with others, regardless of their background or beliefs.

A New Social Network with Big Ambitions

Pebble has already cloned many of Twitter’s features, including the verification checkmark, quote posts, DMs, and a For You feed. This differentiates Pebble from other Twitter rivals like Mastodon and Bluesky, which do not offer the same level of functionality.

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Pebble is backed by $1.1 million in funding from a group of angels that includes Bradley Horowitz, Rich Miner, and Katherine Maher. The company is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to become a major player in the social media space.

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Here are some additional thoughts on the Pebble rebrand:

  • The name “Pebble” is more evocative and memorable than “T2.” It also conveys a sense of community and belonging, which is important for a social network.
  • Pebble’s focus on functionality is a smart move. Users want a social network that is easy to use and has the features they need.
  • Pebble’s funding from such high-profile investors is a sign of confidence in the company and its potential.

Overall, Pebble is a promising new social network with the potential to disrupt the status quo. It remains to be seen whether Pebble can attract and retain a large user base, but it is certainly worth watching.

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