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Netflix rolls out ‘My Netflix,’ a new tab for trailers, reminders, and more

by George Mensah
My Netflix,

Netflix has announced the launch of its new feature, “My Netflix,” which replaces the previous “Downloads” tab positioned at the bottom right corner of the screen. With “My Netflix,” viewers can now easily access all the series and movies they’ve added to their watchlist in one convenient place. The goal is to streamline content discovery and reduce the need for extensive scrolling through Netflix’s extensive library.

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In response to user feedback, Netflix recognized that the previous location of the “My List” feature on the home screen was not easily accessible, requiring considerable scrolling to find it. By introducing the “My Netflix” tab, the company aims to simplify the viewing experience and save users time on endless swiping and searching for their desired content.

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Moreover, Netflix emphasizes that user interactions and feedback play a crucial role in shaping personalized recommendations on the “My Netflix” tab. The more users engage with the platform, such as saving action-thrillers like “Extraction 2” or giving a thumbs up to beloved shows like “Bridgerton,” the more relevant and tailored content suggestions they will receive in this dedicated section.

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The “My Netflix” tab is currently available for iOS devices,

with the rollout scheduled for early August on Android devices.

In related news, Netflix reported impressive second-quarter results last week, adding 5.9 million subscribers, bringing the total number of global members to 238.4 million. The introduction of the “My Netflix” feature aims to further enhance the user experience and contribute to the continued growth of the popular streaming platform.

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