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‘Apple GPT’ is already being used by Apple employees, might be used for AppleCare

by George Mensah
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Apple is quietly delving into the world of generative AI technology, using its in-house “Apple GPT” for various internal purposes. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shed light on how employees are utilizing this technology, revealing a potential application in customer service. Apple has already developed an AI chatbot, similar to ChatGPT, which employees use to prototype future features, summarize text, and provide answers based on the data it has been trained with. Additionally, the company is exploring ways to incorporate its large language model (LLM) into other operational areas, such as AppleCare, to assist customers.

Unlike its tech counterparts, Apple has taken a cautious and secretive approach to generative AI for consumers. The term “AI” was conspicuously absent from Apple’s WWDC 2023 event, and CEO Tim Cook has emphasized the importance of deliberate and thoughtful deployment of AI. While possibilities for incorporating generative AI into Siri are evident, Apple has remained tight-lipped about its consumer-oriented plans. In a previous report, Gurman hinted at a significant AI-related announcement from Apple in the future, but its specific focus on consumers remains uncertain.

As a characteristic maverick in the tech landscape, Apple is unlikely to follow the trends of other companies. Instead, the integration of generative AI is expected to have Apple’s distinctive approach, potentially revolutionizing its products and services in unforeseen ways.

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