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iOS 17 Feature, What’s Coming Later This Year to Elevate Your Apple Experience

by George Mensah
iOS 17 Feature

Apple’s highly anticipated iOS 17 is on the horizon, bringing with it a slew of exciting features, including StandBy and mental health assessments. However, there are a few key enhancements that eager users will have to wait a bit longer for, as they’re listed in Apple’s iOS 17 preview as “coming later this year.” Let’s delve into these upcoming features that won’t be available on the day of the launch:

1. AirDrop Updates:

While iOS 17 will introduce various AirDrop improvements, one notable feature will arrive a bit later. Currently, when you share content over AirDrop, it requires both you and the recipient to remain within AirDrop range until the transfer is complete. However, the forthcoming update will allow content to continue sending even if you move away from AirDrop range, as long as both parties are logged into iCloud. On launch day, you can still look forward to features such as initiating AirDrop transfers by bringing phones close together, ensuring communication safety, and receiving sensitive content warnings.

2. Journal App:

Apple has an exciting addition in store for users—a brand-new app designed for writing and preserving memories. This Journal app will offer a versatile platform for jotting down notes and enriching entries with multimedia elements like music, photos, and audio recordings. Your iPhone will even suggest significant moments to commemorate. Plus, you’ll have the option to lock the Journal to ensure your entries remain private and inaccessible to others. This promising feature is set to arrive later this year, providing a creative space for users to document their experiences.

3. Apple Music Collaboration:

Music enthusiasts, especially those who use Apple Music, have something to look forward to in iOS 17. While this particular update won’t be available immediately, it’s worth the wait. Soon, users will gain the ability to invite friends to collaborate on their playlists. This collaborative feature will enable you and your friends to collectively add, rearrange, or remove songs from playlists. Additionally, you’ll have the option to express your musical preferences with emoji reactions to song choices, enhancing the social aspect of music sharing and discovery.

As Apple continues to evolve its iOS ecosystem, these forthcoming features demonstrate the company’s commitment to enhancing user experiences and expanding the functionality of its devices. While some features may require a bit of patience, they’re sure to add significant value to the iOS 17 platform when they finally arrive later in the year.

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