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Opera GX Levels Up: Aria AI Brings Real-Time Gaming Insights to Your Browser

by George Mensah
Opera GX Levels Up

Back in May, Aria, an AI-powered browser driven by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, made its debut on the Opera browser, offering users a streamlined approach to web searching, asking questions, and even coding. Today, Opera takes things up a notch by introducing Aria to Opera GX, a specialized version of its flagship browser tailored for gamers.

This exciting addition allows Opera GX users to directly engage with a browser-based AI to access the latest gaming news and valuable tips. The potential uses for gamers are diverse; for instance, they can inquire about character ideas for Baldur’s Gate or seek information on the highly anticipated release date of the video game Starfield.

Aria’s standout feature is its real-time internet connectivity, ensuring users receive updated information instantaneously. Moreover, Aria on Opera GX is tightly integrated with the AI Prompts feature introduced by Opera in March. This versatile tool empowers users to generate AI prompts, summarize web articles, compose social media posts, and much more.

Opera GX is also introducing a novel command line functionality, enabling users to summon a sidebar for direct interaction with Aria, seamlessly transitioning between browsing and AI interaction. The keyboard shortcut for Windows users is Ctrl + /, while Mac users can employ Cmd + / for this purpose.

Currently in beta, Aria is exclusively available to Opera GX users who have activated the Early Bird feature through settings. This feature provides access to the latest builds before their public release.

To harness the capabilities of Aria, users need to enable the “Aria Extension” and “Aria Command Line” settings.

Aria’s reach extends to more than 180 countries, boasting a user base of over one million beta testers. Opera’s commitment to enhancing the browsing experience by integrating AI-driven features underscores the ever-evolving landscape of web browsing and information access.

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