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Netflix leaves fans distraught as it announces end of beloved series

by George Mensah

Netflix users are abuzz with mixed emotions as they react to the recent announcement that the critically acclaimed animated series, “Disenchantment,” is coming to a close after five successful seasons. The news has sparked both outcry and relief among devoted viewers who have been engrossed in the show’s captivating world.

Created by Matt Groening, the mastermind behind “The Simpsons,” “Disenchantment” premiered in 2018 and instantly captured the hearts of its audience. The series centers around the adventurous escapades of a hard-drinking princess named Bean, accompanied by her loyal elf friend Elfo and mischievous personal demon, Luci. Together, they journey through the enchanting yet crumbling medieval kingdom of Dreamland, encountering an array of mystical creatures and embarking on thrilling adventures.

Over the course of four seasons, “Disenchantment” has amassed a dedicated fanbase who have eagerly followed the character’s development and immersed themselves in the rich storytelling. As Netflix recently unveiled a new trailer for the much-anticipated fifth season, fans were both delighted and heartbroken to learn that it would be the final chapter in this enthralling tale.

The show’s official Twitter account made the announcement with an enthusiastic declaration, inviting fans to brace themselves for the shocking conclusion: “HEAR YE! HEAR YE! THE FINAL SEASON OF DISENCHANTMENT IS AMONG US! Season Five premieres on 1 September, only on Netflix. Please enjoy our Final Teaser as we rally momentum for Bean’s shocking conclusion! More to come soon…”

Amidst the sea of responses on social media, fans expressed their love and appreciation for the show while lamenting its impending end. Some viewers fervently hoped for a revival on a different platform in the future, recognizing the potential for the series to continue captivating audiences beyond Netflix.

Others shared their desire for more seasons, expressing sadness that the story would be coming to a close soon. The emotional attachment to the characters and the fantastical world created by Matt Groening was palpable as one fan exclaimed, “Ooh y’all I’m gonna cry!”

Nevertheless, amidst the heartfelt goodbyes, a prevailing sentiment among fans was relief that “Disenchantment” would be given the opportunity to conclude its narrative in a natural and fulfilling manner. Many praised the decision, acknowledging that it has become increasingly rare for shows to have the chance to conclude their stories in today’s television landscape.

In this era of television, where abrupt cancellations have become all too common, fans expressed gratitude that the show’s creators would be able to bring their carefully crafted storylines to a satisfying close. As one viewer aptly remarked, “Glad Disenchantment will be able to finish its story. It’s been rarer and rarer for shows to do that these days,” with another concurring, “Sad it’s the final season but also very happy we are getting the ending the writers built towards and not canceled early like so many shows on Netflix.”

As the premiere date of the fifth and final season approaches, fans are bracing themselves for an epic and emotional conclusion to the beloved series. “Disenchantment” has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on its audience, and its legacy will be remembered fondly in the hearts of its devoted fans for years to come.

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